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A Guide to Choosing an English Language School in the UK

Are you thinking about which English school in the UK is best fit for you? This is a common dilemma for would-be English learners, especially with so many English schools in the UK. However, worry not! In this blog, we examine the important points to consider when choosing an English course in the UK, and why English-in-York ticks all the right boxes. 1. Quality of teaching One indicator of a school’s teaching quality is its accreditation. Institutions which are accredited follow strict quality standards, ensuring that you receive a high-quality learning experience. English-in-York, holding accreditations from the British Council, Quality English and IALC, has been delivering high-quality teaching for over 40 years, with highly experienced teachers who are focused on achieving your goals. For a full list of EIY’s accreditations, click here. EIY’s accreditations 2. Study location The location of an English language school can significantly impact your language learning experience. Our school is based in York, one of the UK’s most beautiful and historic cities. With two universities with a strong academic reputation attracting thousands of international students, York is a great place to learn and make new friends from all over the world.  English-in-York is located in the heart of the city with a wide range of attractions within short walking distance. York, England Peasholme House 3. Flexible courses for customised learning Do you want a flexible and customised learning experience? This means you need to select schools which can accommodate your needs and preferences. We offer a range of courses designed to match diverse learning needs, including General English, IELTS exam preparation, and programmes which blend language with cultural activities. From elementary to advanced, we will help you find the course that is best for you. View our courses. 4. A truly caring environment Travelling abroad, often for the first time, to learn a new language can be a challenging. We prioritise the well-being of our students by offering comprehensive support throughout their time with us. This includes carefully chosen homestay accommodation, 24/7 support, and engaging social activities to ensure a comfortable and enjoyable learning and cultural experience for every student. 5. Feedback matters Student testimonials are essential to understand the quality of education, teaching staff, and cultural experience offered. If English-in-York sounds interesting for you, check out testimonials from our past students as they share their stories of progress and growth. Their voice expresses our commitment. I came to York for the first time and learned a lot. I was able to meet wonderful friends in a wonderful city. I made a lot of memories. I will come to study in York again. Megumipast student Thank you to English in York and all the staff members at this educational institution, including teachers and employees, for their excellent care and support. We also extend our thanks to our fellow students for their cooperation and exemplary ethics. Mohammed Alfarsi and Saud Al Subhipast students The lessons helped me improve my English, and the whole experience surpassed my expectations. Juliepast student Previous Next About English in York English in York is a dedicated English language school in the UK with a incredibly friendly atmosphere, enthusiastic teachers and supportive staff. Our qualified teachers and staff are always helpful, supportive and committed to giving a rewarding learning experience.  Ready to start your English language learning journey with us in York today? Book your course and take the first step towards new opportunities and exciting experiences!

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