At English in York, we take pride in our commitment to excellence. Our list of accreditations stands as a testament to the high standards we uphold across all our language services, ensuring that our students receive the best possible language learning experience.

Quality English and IALC logos

Quality English QE is a quality brand for leading independent and private English language schools. QE English language schools are carefully chosen from the best of independent English language schools.

These provide high-quality English language training for business, career or leisure, and offer a high degree of personal service and individual attention to their students.

QE is run by directors and staff who care about education and the individual needs of their students.

IALC, the International Association of Language Centres, is a network of private, independent language schools that specialise in teaching the language of their country.

The IALC network includes some of the leading private language centres in the world and is growing steadily. Its Quality Scheme and Code of Ethics ensure that IALC schools are among the most professional and successful in their field.

The British Council accredits English schools in the UK, in partnership with English UK. British Council-accredited schools must provide quality to international students taking language courses in the UK.

Both British Council and English UK-accredited schools must offer high standards of teaching, management, resources, environment, facilities, welfare, and care of under 18s. Independent inspectors visit all schools to ensure they meet these standards.

If you choose a school accredited by either, you will receive high-quality teaching, value for money and better protection. 

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