The Shambles – York Attractions

Voted one of the most picturesque streets in Britain, The Shambles in York is one of Europe’s most visited streets. It is lined with beautifully preserved Elizabethan buildings which, for centuries, housed butchers’ shops and backyard slaughterhouses.

Today, no butchers remain. Instead, quaint shops, cafes, tea rooms and restaurants line the streets. On some buildings you can still see the hooks and wide “flesh-shelves” (derived from the Anglo-Saxon Fleshhammels), on which the butchers used to display their meat. You will notice the upper floors of the buildings are overhanging. This was done to achieve larger living space without obstructing the street below, as well as to provide some shelter for the displayed meat.

The Shambles in York

Below you will find a virtual map of The Shambles.

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