5 reasons why York is the best place to learn English in the UK

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If you are reading this, chances are you have already decided to book an English course in the UK—and I must say, you have made a great choice! England is, of course, the birthplace of the English language. With its diverse mix of people, cultures, and accents, the UK has a lot to offer anyone looking to improve their English language skills.

While London is a popular destination for those seeking an English language school in England, there are plenty of other fantastic destinations to choose from. If you are looking for a location that offers a rich blend of culture, history, and charm to complement your language learning experience, then York is the perfect choice.

In fact, York is one of the UK’s most beautiful and historic cities. As the most visited city outside London, it continues to attract visitors from all over the world. There are plenty of activities that international students can enjoy while in York. The city offers a relaxed and welcoming atmosphere that can make you feel at home. Here are five reasons you should consider taking an English course in York.

1. Beautiful city

Treasurer's House, York
Treasurer's House, York

Just imagine learning English in one of the most beautiful cities in the UK, which is loved by tourists from all over the world. By taking an English course in York, you get to experience breathtaking views and create unforgettable memories.

The city has some superb national museums – The Railway Museum, the Viking Museum – as well as great shopping and traditional cafes to enjoy afternoon tea among medieval streets.

2. Rich History

Picture of The Shambles in York England
The Shambles York

York offers over 2000 years of history to explore, with a fascinating past that dates back to the Roman era. The city has numerous historical landmarks, including the York Minster, one of the most impressive Gothic cathedrals in Europe. Explore the city walls, built by the Romans and expanded by the Vikings. Walking along the cobbled streets of York, you will feel like you have stepped back in time.

York is also known as the Chocolate City from its confectionery history dating from the 19th century. If you are a chocolate lover, get ready to experience about 300 years of chocolate-making history. Even today, you can sometimes smell chocolate as you walk through the city centre!

3. Safe place

York, England
York, England

Safety and comfort are important when choosing a place to book an English course, and York ticks all the boxes. According to recent research, York has been ranked as one of the safest places to live in the UK, with lower crime rates than many of the UK’s other major cities.

York provides a secure environment where you can focus on your studies. Whether you’re taking a stroll along the city walls at sunset or enjoying a night out in the city centre, you can feel confident walking home alone at night. And if in doubt, there is excellent taxi availability to get home safely on a dark night.

4. Friendly locals

picture of York locals

The people of York are known for their friendliness, creating a welcoming environment for international students. They are more than happy to help with directions and will make you feel at home and settle into local life quickly and stress- free. 

5. Great location

York England

York is an great base for exploring the beauty and diversity of the entire UK, with many major cities only a few hours away by train. Learning English in York means you can go on weekend excursions to nearby cities like Leeds and Manchester or day trips to the picturesque Yorkshire Dales and the stunning North York Moors. The opportunities for adventure are endless! London and Edinburgh are also easily reachable by train.

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