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1:1 Intensive

Individual lessons allow you to concentrate on your specific learning needs and objectives, helping to reach your goals faster. 

You can combine group lessons in the morning with afternoon 1:1, or vice versa. If you really want to accelerate your learning, you can focus with 1:1 all day.

General English intensive


starting price
per hour

Perché scegliere questo corso?


Learn quickly the English you need to speak confidently and fluently


Improve the specific vocabulary, grammar and pronunciation you need 


Choose the number of hours you want to study which fits your learning style

What students think of this course

“The lessons helped me improve my English, and the whole experience surpassed my expectations”.
Julie Kafková

Fatti veloci

Livello base


Start date

Every Monday

Età minima

18 years (16 with parental consent)



La lunghezza ovviamente

Minimum 1 week

Dimensione della classe

Massimo 12 studenti*

*Nei periodi di punta, ci riserviamo il diritto di aumentare la dimensione dei nostri gruppi oltre i 12.

We check your language level before you arrive

You must complete the Online Placement Test at least 14 days before you start your course at EiY. 

If you cannot do your test from home, please Contattaci.

Eve in class teaching


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